Python Upgrade Service (Python P1 to a Python P2)

£ 85.00

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For our existing customers that have already purchased our Python 3825/P1 Detector, we can offer you a complete upgrade service where we will upgrade your existing Python 3825/P1 Detector to a Python 3825/P2 Detector.

Here are 12 reasons why you should upgrade to the Python 3825/P2 Detector:

Provides Greater Detection Distance:
1. Standard Antenna detection increased from 475 m to 600 m
2. Supports the use of the optional Power Booster Module

Provides 2 New Detection Sensitivity Settings:
3. Sensitivity can be adjusted to Level 1 to 5
4. Supports sensitivity Level 6 (with optional Power Booster Module)

Allows the use of Optional Expansion Port:
5. Optional Power Booster Module (increased sensitivity by 25%)
6. Booster ON (BST Green LED) when Power Booster is in Operation

Provides 3 New Display Features:
7. Provides new Battery Low Warning Alert
8. Display brightness can be adjusted from Level 1 to 10 (Variable Settings)
9. Detector can be set to Dark Mode

Provides 2 New Audio Features:
10. Audible Alert ON (Repeat Fast) 8 seconds
12. Audible Alert ON (Repeat Slow) 16 seconds

Your Python 3825/P1 to our Python 3825/P2 upgrade Includes:
1. New Python P2 Front Display Lens
2. New Python P2 User Manual
3. Installed version of the latest Python P2 Software
4. Factory Calibrated and Tested
Your Limited Warranty Period for your Python 3825/P2 upgrade:
As outlined in our Terms and Conditions for Sale of Goods, our Twelve (12) months Limited Warranty period starts at the time the Python P1 detector was originally purchased by the first end-user. If we upgrade your Python P1 detector during this Twelve (12) months period you will still benefit to any remaining time left in your Warranty. If your original Twelve (12) months Limited Warranty period has expired, you may want to consider our Extended Warranty Service.