Welcome to our Ex Demo Detector Store: 

We are please to introduced our new Ex Demo Detector Store. All our Ex Demo Detectors come from our "Try Before You Buy" product range as we are continually rotating our stock of our Trial Detectors.

Each Ex Demo Detector is fully inspected and tested and comes with our standard 12 Months Guarantee and is supplied with all new Accessories, User Manual and Packaging. Any visual marks or observations will be listed in the below Inspection Notes for each Ex Demo Detector.

 Ex Demo Python 3825/P2: 

The Python P2 has enhanced sensitivity to help you drive more safety and also make you more aware of your surrounding environment.

The Python P2 detector provides you with real-time feedback when it detects a transmitted signal from an emergency service vehicle by warning you with both a visual and audible alert.

The Python P2 Ex Demo includes the following:

  • Ex Demo Python 3825/P2 Detector
  • New Standard RF antenna
  • New Python P2 user manual
  • New In car charging lead
  • New Windscreen bracket adjustment screwdriver

 Inspection Notes: 

  • Minor surface marks to the side of the Detector by the charging lead connector and the expansion port, see the store images for more details
  • No external plastic box, so we will packaged the detector in our standard white packaging box

 Ex Demo Python 3825/P2/IB Deluxe Kit: 

Our Ex Demo Python 3825/P2/IB Deluxe Kit has all you need in one place to get you started, from our Python P2/IB detector that provides you with real-time feedback of emergency services vehicles, to our High Gain RF antenna for an increase in detection range of approximately 50%.
The Python P2/IB has enhanced functionality to allow for the Power Booster to be integrated into the detector to provide increased sensitivity and improved detection range over the standard Python P2 Detector without the need for a plug in module.

The Python P2/IB Ex Demo Deluxe Kit includes the following:

  • 1 x Ex Demo Python P2/IB Detector
  • 1 x New Standard RF Antenna
  • 1 x New Higher Gain RF Antenna
  • 1 x New 12V DC Charging Lead (for in-Car Use)
  • 1 x New Magnetic Dash Mount
  • 1 x New Extension Cable for Higher RF Gain Antenna
  • 1 x New 2 Way 12V DC Power Charger Adapter
  • 1 x New Dual Port USB 12V DC Power Adapter
  • 3 x New Python 250mAH Fuses
  • 4 x New Clip On EMI Reduction Ferrite Beads
  • 1 x New Protective Soft Cover for your Python Detector
  • 1 x New Python Care & Maintenance Kit
  • 1 x New Python P2/Detector User Manual
  • 1 x New Python P12/IB Supplementary User Manual
  • 1 x Ex Demo Aluminum Travel Case (400mm x 240mm x 125mm)
  • 2 x New Case Keys

 Inspection Notes: 

  • Minor surface mark to the top and side of the Detector and Minor crack on top left plastic corner of Aluminum case, see the store images for more details

 Enquiries for Ex Demo Detectors: 

Our Ex Demo Detectors are continually being rotating and come from our "Try Before You Buy" product range, if they our SOLD OUT please email our Sales Team and they will check latest availability.

Email Us at: sales@pythondetectors.com