Welcome to the Python Installation Photo Gallery:

Python detectors can be fitted into any motor vehicle and can be mounted using the unique and fully integrated windscreen mounting bracket located at the rear of the detector for securely fitting the detector to the vehicles windscreen.

  • If you want to mount the detector in another location in your vehicle you can obtain a magnetic dash mount that will allow you to position your detector on the dash or center console. You can also use this in conjunction with the Higher Gain RF for increased detection and discrete mounting. 
  • Alternatively there are a number of dashboard mounting mats and anti slip mats available from our store allow you to mount the Python detector without direct attachment to the dashboard.
  • Python detectors can be used out-of-the-box, so you can benefit from all the features within minutes and need no special software to be downloaded or registration before it can be used.

The following photo gallery shows a number of Python detector and accessories installations to help you decide which options would be best for your particular application. If you scroll over each of the photos you will get a brief description.