Clip On EMI Reduction Ferrite Bead Kit


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The 12V DC power leads from other in-car devices connected to the vehicles auxiliary power socket can sometimes cause unwanted EMI (Electromagnetic interference) and this can interfere with the Python's receiver and lead to false triggers.

This phenomenon can be reduced by fitting Ferrite Beads to the ends of these in-car devices power leads.

Our kit contains 3 x Ferrite Beads with 5mm hole for attaching inline to an accessories power lead, and 2 x Ferrite Beads with 7mm hole that allows the for accessories power lead to be looped within the Ferrite Bead for additional EMI (Electromagnetic interference) screening.

The exact number of Ferrite Beads that need to be fitted will depend on the interference from the cable.


  • Type: Ferrite Bead x 3 pieces
  • Size: 25mm (long) x 10mm (wide) x 5mm (inner hole)
  • Type: Ferrite Bead x 2 pieces
  • Size: 25mm (long) x 10mm (wide) x 7mm (inner hole)
  • Case Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 6g each