EU 240V AC/12V DC Charging Adapter (Home-Use)


 The Python detector can be charged at home using our Mains Plug Adapter. This device allows you to connect the 12V DC Charging Lead to a standard EU mains outlet allowing you to charge your detector at home ready for your next journey.


  • Type: EURO 2 pin plug (for connection to EU mains socket)
  • 230V AC 50/60Hz (Input Voltage)
  • 12V DC (Output Voltage)
  • 12Watt (Max Power)1000mA Max OutputCharging LED (short timeload maxium 1 hour)

Caution: For home charging the Python and like most lithium batteries we recommend to only charge for just a couple of hours until the battery is nearly full and DO NOT leave charging over night and DO NOT leave unattended while on charge.

For charging the Python to full capacity this should take approximately 2 hours if the device is stictched off.

This adaptor should only be used for charging your Python detector at home. Do not use this Adaptor for charging other devices  such as cooling boxes, Portable TV's or other device that draw a large amount of current.