Python 3825/P1 Deluxe Kit


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Our Python 3825/P1 Deluxe Kit has all you need in one place to get you started, from our Python P1 detector that provides you with real-time feedback of emergency services vehicles, to our High Gain RF antenna for an increase in detection range of approximately 50%.

The Python 3825/P1 Deluxe Kit contains the following: 

1 x Python P1 Detector
1 x Standard RF Antenna
1 x Higher Gain RF Antenna
1 x 12V DC Charging Lead (for in-Car Use)
1 x Magnetic Dash Mount
1 x Extension Cable for Higher RF Gain Antenna
1 x 2 Way 12V DC Power Charger Adapter
1 x Dual Port USB 12V DC Power Adapter
3 x Python 250mAH Fuses 
4 x Clip On EMI Reduction Ferrite Beads
1 x Protective Soft Cover for your Python Detector
1 x Python Care & Maintenance Kit
1 x Python P1 Detector User Manual
1 x Aluminum Travel Case (400mm x 240mm x 125mm)
2 x Case Keys

The value of all of these items is £347.91

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