Python Hardwire 12V DC Charging Lead (In-Car Use)


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Python detectors can be charged from the vehicles auxiliary power socket using the in car charging lead which is supplied with your detector.

Alternatively you can hardwire your Python Detector direct to your vehicles 12V DC supply using our Python Hardwiring Kit.


  • Type: 12V DC for Hardwiring Kit
  • Input / Output Voltage: 11.8-14.4V DC
  • Connector: 12V DC Plug
  • Cable Length: 3M
  • In-line Water Resistant Fuse: 250mA
  • Comes with 6 cable ties
  • Comes with a fitted fuse and replacement fuse


1. Do Not connect the Python Hardwire Kit directly to your vehicle battery.

2. You Must connect the Python Hardwire Kit so it is powered from the vehicles ignition.

3. During the installation You Must route and also secure the 12V DC hardwire cable so it does not interfere with any of your other vehicle operating equipment.

4. Our 12V DC Hardwire Kit has a replaceable fuse built-in rated at (250mA). You Must ​use the correct 250mA​ fuse. Using another manufactures Charge Leads or a different fuse rating or connecting the detector directly without a fuse could cause damage to the detector or result in a fire and damage to property or personal injury.

5. Do Not use the Python Hardwire Kit to connect to any other Non Python Product as this could result in a fire and damage to property or personal injury.