Python Upgrade Service (Python P2 to a Python P3)


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For our existing customers that have already purchased our Python 3825/P2 Detector, we can offer you a complete upgrade service where we will upgrade your existing Python 3825/P2 Detector to a Python 3825/P3 Detector.

Here are 13 reasons why you should upgrade to the Python 3825/P3 Detector:

1. Supports Variable Brightness Adaptation (VBA).
2. Supports Multiple Detection Alert (MDA).
3. Supports Always Listening Reminder (ALR).
4. Display brightness can be adjusted to 15 different settings.
5. The audio alert has 4 Repeat modes.
6. Advanced tuning that allows you to further tune the sensitivity within your vehicle.
7. Factory Reset feature.
8. The Power Booster is integrated into the detector
9. Standard Antenna detection increased from 600 m to 850 m
10. The Python P3 has a greater detection range than our standard Python P2 detector and optional Booster.
11. Sensitivity CAN be adjusted in all levels while in Booster Mode.
12. Integrated Power Booster is always ON (active).
13. The Integrated Power Booster allows the Expansion Port to be available for future expansion such as our Remote Display Header.

Your Python 3825/P2 to our Python 3825/P3 upgrade Includes:

1. Integrated Power Booster
2. New Python P3 Front Display Lens
3. New Python P3 User Manual
4. Installed version of the latest Python P3 Software
5. Factory Calibrated and Tested
Upgrade Service Only Available in the U.K.
We currently ONLY offer an Upgrade Service within the United Kingdom (UK) countries comprising of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We DO NOT offer a Upgrade Service for International Customers.
Upgrade Process:

To order your upgrade just follow these simple steps:

1. Add the selected upgrade items to your basket.
2. View your basket and check you have selected the correct upgrade package for your existing detector.
3. Make any adjustments and when you are happy to proceed click on the checkout button.
4. You will then be taken to the secure PayPal site to enter your payment details.
5. After completing the PayPal payment you will receive an email confirmation from PayPal.
6. You will also see an order confirmation from our website.
7. Our sales department will contact you by email within 24 hours and provide you the shipping address to send your existing detector back to us.
8. You will be responsible to ensure that you ship your detector to us by an insured and tracked delivery method. Python Technologies Limited will not be held responsible for any lost or undelivered items.
9. Your detector will be upgraded as listed above.
10. We will ship back your upgraded detector to you within 10 working days by a tracked delivery method.

Your Limited Warranty Period for your Python 3825/P3 upgrade:
As outlined in our Terms and Conditions for Sale of Goods, our Twelve (12) months Limited Warranty period starts at the time the Python P2 detector was originally purchased by the first end-user. If we upgrade your Python P2 detector during this Twelve (12) months period you will still benefit to any remaining time left in your Warranty.